Commuter armpit hair and spooning

            “Sometimes I hate being short!” Fran* wears a frown as she drops her bag by her desk and plonks down into her chair. “Morning Fran! Alright?” I appreciate, of course, that she’s not Alright. “No!” She looks up and waits for me to ask Why’s that? “Why’s that?” “You don’t wanna know!” She’s right, I don’t. […]


His face betrays his feeling; and intention. His eyes are affixed, like a predator stalking its intended prey. His teeth are clenched, jaw set. I can see he is rehearsing his approach and is now impatient to move in for the kill. Except the very thing he’s focused on, angry about, is itself causing the […]

Sitting in the station coffee shop…The nature of things

Just Observing I’m sitting in my commuter station coffee shop finishing a small cappuccino, waiting for a late departing train home. My stool is set by the window which gives me a view out onto the concourse. I drift into watching people entering the station. Different sizes, shapes, ages, creeds. I observe their unique walks and coordinated […]

Alien Insurrection

Did I miss it? I must have. How? I mean, this is huge; life changing. Am I the only one who realises? Am I the only one left? It’s been a busy day. I decide not to read on the train home this evening. Just head phones on, a little texting and then rest the […]

Burke man

“What a Burke!” The man talking is standing next to me at Cannon Street station. We are behind the yellow platform safety line. He’s referring to another man further up the platform who is not behind the yellow line. In fact, this guy is so far in front his toes are touching the white paint […]

Female Tool Kit Blues

“Damn!” I hear the expletive above Schumann on my headphones. Something is bouncing to the carriage floor. Shuffling Ugg boots enter my eye line. I look up from my Kindle. “Where’s that…?” The woman opposite, late 30s, shoulder length blonde hair cupping a pretty but pale, peaky face is scouring the floor. She sees me […]

Quiet Carriage be damned

I booked a Quiet Carriage seat for a recent train journey to Cardiff. Sadly, ‘Quiet’ proved elusive. When I booked it I thought, no mobile phone calls which the train operator clearly states should be taken outside the carriage; people passing through who, if talking, would do so at a level which respects the peaceful […]

New train timetable, improved commuter life? (January supplement)

Monday 12 January 2015 Today is the first day of a new South Eastern (SE) Trains timetable. It incorporates changes affecting Charing Cross bound trains not now stopping at London Bridge. This is due to refurbishment works scheduled on Charing Cross serving platforms for the next 18 months. Passengers travelling to London on SE who […]

Back to Work after my Christmas Retirement

My train is about to pull away. It’s 7am, still dark and all I see looking out is my reflection peering back. Today is 5 January 2015, my first day back to work after a thirteen day Christmas and New Year break. “Well, here we go. Another year!” I whisper to myself. Except it wasn’t […]